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This site is dedicated to the department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital Henri Mondor

The department of Plastic Surgery Hospital Henri Mondor is one of the largest services of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the country.

The university hospital (Paris XII) is an integral part of AP-HP (Assistance Publique –Hôpitaux de Paris), which now has three academic plastic surgery  department in Ile de France:
 Hospital Saint Louis – Paris
 Hospital Rotschild – Paris
 Hospital Henri Mondor – Créteil

Professor Laurent LANTIERI is the department chief.

Also, all diseases using this specialty are supported in this department and we have developed close collaborations with other services in the same hospital but also other institutions.
The plastic and reconstructive surgery aims to restore any external part of the body after illness, trauma, deformity and aesthetics.
It often involves microsurgery because of the size of tissue repair (nerves, blood vessels, tendons)
This specialty addresses all organs of the body from simple surgery to rebuild a flap.

The main areas are:
 The breast (hypertrophy and hypotrophy, breast surgery for breast cancer, breast reconstruction)
 The face (maxillofacial surgery, face transplant)
 The skin tumors (carcinoma, melanoma, neurofibromatosis)
 Surgery of the silhouette (abdominoplasty and breast implants, liposuction, fat grafting, after bariatric surgery and /or weight loss)

Informations contained in this site are practical for patients but also for treating physicians and the corresponding departments. It contains information provided by the Home booklet published by the department by adding additional information.

You'll find information on consultations, hospitalization, the secretariat and the doctors.

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